About me

Hello! I’m a Philosophy Instructor at Slippery Rock University. I spent two years as Instructor of Philosophy at Missouri State University. I received my PhD from University of Georgia in 2017.

My areas of specialization are Environmental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, and Ethics. My areas of competency are Aesthetics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, and Philosophy of Technology.

I have published articles in Environmental Ethics, the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, and the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. I have a forthcoming article in a collected volume called  Freedom and Society: Essays on Autonomy, Identity, and Political Freedom on Mercer University Press. My article on street art is being hosted by the American Society for Aesthetics on their blog, Aesthetics for Birds. https://aestheticsforbirds.com/2016/11/17/afb-x-jaac-discussions-chackal-on-street-art.

I’ve been teaching college for 13 years, and have taught Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Symbolic Logic, Business Ethics, Theories of Knowledge, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, World Religions, Environmental Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Social/Political Philosophy, and Death and Dying.