I’m a vinyl dj of 15 years. I’ve held residencies in Atlanta, Chicago, Athens, and currently Springfield, MO:

SOUL POWER first Fridays northern soul dance party 45 rpm at The Front of House Lounge

PSYCHOTROPICAL third Saturdays surf rock, reggae, afrofunk at The Golden Girl Rum Club

AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION post-punk, new wave, krautrock, soul, garage rock, 60s French.

Contact for booking! I dj clubs, bars, restaurants, parties, weddings, events including:

ATLANTA (2002-2004) MJQ, Lenny’s (residency), Echo Lounge, Neutron Bomb (residency)

CHICAGO (2006-2011) Rodan (residency), The Continental (residency), Street Side (residency), The Burlington (residency)

ATHENS (2015-2017) World Famous, The Globe, Flicker Theater and Bar, Hendershots (residency)

SPRINGFIELD (2017-2018) Outland (residency), Golden Girl Rum Club (residency), The Coffee Ethic


ALL VINYL The materiality of vinyl allows music to be played and perceived in distinctive ways. Its waxed spectacle turning 33-45 revolutions per minute arouses ears and eyes. Vinyl visibility provides a focal point enabling an aura. Aura carries authority arising from artwork and information inscribed on discs and sleeves. It also enables cultural authenticity. The digital-era demands eschewing material culture in favor of immaterial, transportable, efficient, and increasingly convenient counterparts. Vinyl subverts digital domination through sustaining old school social traditions with underground values. The vinyl underground reflects a culture of the turntable characterized by aesthetic panache and embodied relationality. When my arms reach for records, my hands select cuts, my fingers drop needles into grooves, records aren’t just mine, they are me. Their materiality becomes an extension of mine. Our relationship is embodied. I play records, records play me. I turn tables, tables turn me. In using them as me to move you, embodied relationality expands. I move me to move them to move you. We move together. I spin you, you spin me (like a record).